Kansas Paranormal Investigators - KPI
        ~Topeka, Kansas~
Vicky - Co-Founder, Psychic Medium, Trained Bioenergy Healer,
​Life Coach &
Lead Investigator
Pam- Co-Founder, Scheduling Coordinator, Lead Investigator,  Photographer, Sensitive & Training Bioenergy Healer
Steve- Co-Founder, Equipment Specialist, Photographer &
Lead Investigator
Kansas Paranormal Investigators Co- Founders
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Ghosts - research, evidence, and discussion.
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Business/Home Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Hunting Research Society, Psychic Medium, & Bio-Energy Healing!

Kansas Paranormal Investigators (KPI), based out of Topeka, Kansas, use the latest equipment for scientific results. They are one of very few ghost hunting groups who have their own many-times-validated Psychic Medium who is also one of the groups Co-Founders. She attends every investigation and can communicate with the spirit world for additional information and guidance!

​​KPI has several trained positive energy investigators, many of whom are sensitive with a special gift that allows them to sense the spirit world. KPI can bring 2-8 investigators to their investigation depending on the size of the investigation location and the clients needs. These team members do not instigate the spirit world with aggression or harassment. KPI calls on friendly open communication to achieve the best results!

​​If needed, KPI can also remove low vibration, negative energy, and/or unwanted spirits, entities, or lost souls from your home or business. References are available upon request. If you have spirit activity, you will be WOWed by their results! KPI looks forward to working with you.

KPI Investigates Businesses and Homes Free of Charge!
Medium Sessions, Bio-Energy Treatments and N
egative Energy removal have fees. Please see services tab on left for more information.​

Mission Statement:

Clients will receive a better understanding of the spirit world through our business and home investigations! We also take pride in reconnecting loved ones with those who have died and crossed over to the other side, bringing a new-found sense of comfort and understanding.


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Our most favorite type of investigations are home investigations! We love to help clients figure out what is happening in their home. Vicky, our medium, loves to help those who have lost loved ones by reconnecting them with messages from the other side. It never fails they will show up at a home or family business investigation! If you feel that you have paranormal activity in your home or business, email us at kansasparanormalinvestigators@gmail.com. We have a great time, make new friends and get results. Better yet, it is all FREE of charge! Hope to hear from you soon...

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