Kansas Paranormal Investigators - KPI
~Paranormal Pictures~
Medium feels Grandma visits her grandchild at daughter's business!
A red faced man is caught on film... our medium feels it is the husband of lead investigator Pam!
This picture was taken only seconds after she said, "Someone is looking in here...
can't you see it's red over there?"
Dan's spirit face!
Dan's earthly
Spirit face in black box?
Enlarged photo from gray box!
Deep set eyes & thin nose.
What do you think?
Investigators Pam & Vicky checking the EMF meters for paranormal activity!
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Co-Founders Pam & Vicky at a Home & Cemetery investigationin Navarre, KS. 
Our medium Vicky was getting a strange feeling that something was right in this area even before her two way radio started making funny noises, the EMF meter she is holding in her hand marked electro magnetic field changes and now we get this awesome picture. Way to go team KPI!! Hopefully this is a sign of more evidence to come from our Navarre investigation.
What we believe is a Haunted Church in Holton, Kansas! No one was smoking and you could not see your breath!!
With something?.
Baby Face?
We had an spirit traveling at 700 mph knock a camera off a shelf... could this be a split second travel of a spirit? 
Check out the ghost face on the shoulder of this boy at bottom left. Mother is sure this is the face of the boys grandmother!