Kansas Paranormal Investigators
~Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs)~
Additional Clips Coming Soon!
100+ Kansas Home
At 25 seconds, we believe a disembodied voice  says ,"I'm not in!"
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100+ Salina Home
At 3 seconds, we believe after the Charlie, Charlie, Charlie's, a disembodied voice says, "Rude"!
100+ Salina Home
At 6 seconds, we believe a disembodied voice says, "Eric"!
North Topeka Home
At 8 seconds, following the "I thought the Bud Light might entice him.... something says "It did."
North Topeka Home
At 1 second, in a room with no one in it,
a strange voice says "HEY"
North Topeka Home
At 4 seconds, listen for the spirit voice to say,
"WHAT THE F_ _ _!"