Kansas Paranormal Investigators
Business/Home Owner Release Form
Paranormal Investigation Release of Liability Form

I,_________________________________, have the authority to allow access

to Kansas Paranormal Investigators – KPI members and affiliated persons

to _____________________________________ located in _________________
for the purpose of conducting an investigation into possible paranormal
occurrences or conducting field research at this location. The
investigation process has been explained to me, and I give KPI permission
to conduct one at this location. KPI releases the owner of the location
from any liability from injuries and/or damages incurred during the
investigation. I release KPI from any liability for injuries and damages,
physical and emotional, I incur during and after the investigation that
are direct or indirect results of the investigation.

Signed_____________________________________________ Date___________

Witness____________________________________________ Date____________

Kansas Paranormal Investigators respects your right to privacy. All of
your personal information will be kept confidential. We never release
witness names or exact locations of the homes or businesses to anyone
without your permission. KPI would like to use some or all of the
information and evidence collected during the investigation for possible
inclusion in our lectures, research, websites, Facebook page, or other
future considerations. KPI may release the information providing the
identity of witnesses and clients are changed and the exact address of
the location is excluded.

This location will be identified only as _______________________________

or I would prefer that you use my real name ____________________________

and the exact location as ______________________________________.

Additional comments/requests: __________________________________________





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