Tandalone H.264 DVR - Cameras
 Cables - 400 gig Hard Drive
Full Spectrum Digital Camera
4 - Mel-8704R Meter
(Electro Magnetic Field Meter - Ambient Temperature Thermometer - red LED flashight)
Another type of Ghost Meter!
Kansas Paranormal Investigators - KPI
New state of the art Mel-8704R-MADD (Magnetic Anomaly Deviation Detector)
 We like to call it a Ghost Meter!
2 - Non Contact IR Thermometer
2- Passive Infrared Motion Detectors
Cell Sensor
6 - Sony ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorders
2 set of Dowsing Rods
We have our very own many-times-validated Psychic Medium at every investigation. She is also one of our Co-Founders. See Thank Yous to read more about how clients feel about her. Also see our psychic medium tab to read more about a psychic medium and more about her!
We bring at least 6 digital cameras and take a mimimum of 800 pictures at each investigation.
6 2-way radios
to keep in touch
with each other
KPI has a Psychic Medium on every investigation, 15 trained positive energy investigators, 10 of whom are Sensitives. Who do not instigate the spirit world with aggression or harassment! We call on friendly, open communication! Helping the home or business owner find comfort and closure in what they may be dealing with. 

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1 with sound 2 WO 
  K-II EMF Meter
We use the best equipment known for collecting paranormal evidence!
Sweep Radio ITC Device with Enhanced FM (76MHz-108MHz) Frequency Range

P-SB7 Ghost Box