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​​Always wanted to attend a small group medium session to hear messages from loved ones on the other side? Want to be apart of the action? Join me for an amazing 2+ hours together.

~Coming Soon~ Topeka, KS
​                                     Saturday, July 13th, 6-8ish PM, $50 per person                                   (Only 20 seats will be sold!) No Refunds
These events usually sale out early!​​​

​​​​​​​Lyons, Kansas~ Event ~SOLD OUT
                                       Saturday, June 22nd, 1-3ish PM $50 per person                                       (Only 20 seats will be sold)​​ No Refunds
These even usually sale out early!​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​Lyons, Kansas~ Event~SOLD OUT
                              Saturday, June 22nd, 6-8ish PM, $50 per person                               ​(Only 20 seats will be sold)​​ No Refunds
These events usually sale out early!​​​​

Note: Events with 6 or more not everyone will be guaranteed a reading. I will do my best to get messages to as many as possible. Spirit controls to whom and how much information is given to each person. However, just being apart of the event will be very enlightening. 

After you purchase your tickets, you are all set! We will email you within a few days after your ticket purchase with location and additional information. No need to print ticket as there will be a list of names at the event. Please read the suggestions below before attending. These are some very helpful suggestions that will help you get the most out of your reading!

How you can get the most out of a Mediumship Reading

While you don't need to do anything to prepare for a reading, as the medium will do most of the work to align him or herself to connect with Spirit, many people do ask, what can I do to get the most out of a session with a medium?

Tips and Suggestions to Get the Most out of a

​Psychic Medium Reading

1. Keep an open mind. The best thing you can do is to be open to receiving information and messages and to be open to hearing from any spirit who may come through for you. All of them have valid and meaningful messages.

2. Avoid giving me too much information! When it comes to identifying your Spirit, they will often provide me with the clues needed for you to know who is speaking. If you add information, it takes away from the information the medium (me!) can provide you about the person who is coming through. We want to keep the magic alive!

3. Think of anyone you know who may have died. Before the reading, RAKE your mind of anyone that you know who may have died – in your family, friends, or even if your outside social circle. If they died 30 years ago, before you were born, or if you knew them in middle school – they could still show up!

4. Be open to any spirit who may come through to communicate with you. While I can create the optimal conditions for a spirit to come through for you, the spirits decide whether or not they are ready to take the step. In addition, they decide when, for how long, and with whom they visit! If you wanted to hear from your grandfather, but your father came instead, I highly suggest we listen to the message. If someone came from the other side to speak with you, their message is valuable.

5. Remember that a spirit communication is born out of love. Spirits work very hard to contact you through me, often going to the trouble of assisting you in your decision to set up the appointment in the first place. Medium readings are a gift from our passed loved ones to confirm that they are with us always and are assisting and guiding us from the other side. When you have a reading, open your heart and mind to whatever it is they decide to communicate to you about.

Looking forward to having you join me for a reading!
​God Bless,
Heartland Medium - Vicky

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