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~Coming Investigations &
​Medium Readings~
                          Topeka, KS ~ Coming Soon!                        September ​2019   

​                                     Topeka, KS ​                                    July 13, 6-8 PM - Sold Out!

​​Lyons, KS
​June 22, 1-3 ​& 6-8 PM​ - Sold Out!
$50 - Limited to 20 seats​​
This event usually sells out!​​

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​​​​​Please email for available dates and times!

Due to the large number of cases, we would like to ask you to keep a log of dates, listing what happens, how often it happens, to whom it is happening to, and what time of day or night it occurs.​​​ Pictures and/or recordings are also helpful in helping us determine if it warrants an investigation. If it is not occurring often enough and or strong enough, then having an investigation for a few hours would most likely not result in any evidence captured. It needs to be worthy of our time. We want to keep or valuable time for clients who really need our help.

Thank you,

Dates for Investigations and Medium Sessions
​can always be added as needed.
​All names and locations are kept confidential, ​unless
written permission is given to include them!
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