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What is a Psychic Medium and
About our Medium Vicky
      Mediums are people who use psychic readings to channel
                                     those from the spirit world.

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What is channeling?
Psychic Channeling is a form of mediumship that encompasses the transfer of information and to communicate with the passed on souls.

Who are Psychic Mediums?
A psychic medium may have inherited this propensity from his parents or grandparents. Or, it may be a continuous process with him in every incarnation. They may even be uniquely- divinely- blessed with this talent from birth. In this case, they usually reveal their talent early in age. The talent may also be acquired under the guidance of a master psychic.

How do psychic mediums see into the future?
A psychic medium is able to tune into another dimension which enables them to see or sense another person or event from another place, time or realm. The medium channels this dimension through their third eye and are then able to perceive these unseen events and relate them back to the current time.

The psychic mediums ability can be compared to having a remote camera set up on your computer where you may see another event that is happening on the other side of the world. This remote visual takes place due to the transmission of energy in the form of light. The psychic medium is able to achieve the same result, except instead of physical distance the psychic medium uses spiritual light energy which can transcend time and space to remote view persons that may have passed on. Their psychic medium gifts can also be used to view the future in the same way as previously described.

Psychic mediums are amazing individual that use their powers to help others along their journey of life, sometimes a word of love or phrase from someone that has passed over is enough to bring closure to their death.

How do mediums access the psychic energies?
Imagine a psychic medium lowering their body processes, their breathing and heart rate, to a level where their body energy is similar to the paranormal. The psychic medium then communicates with the spirit world and channels its messages to us. This information, which people are seeking widely, is a psychic medium reading. The medium has the ability to tune in to the other wavelength of the departed soul just like you would tune in to a radio station.

How does a medium help us?
A psychic medium plays an important role in helping people solve the problems that baffle the experts. You may find yourself sick, lost, confused, depressed, and apprehensive of an unknown fear or even haunted by hallucinations, see dreams which leave you drenched with sweat or drained of your energy. Or, you may be involved in a legal dispute, which the best legal brains cannot resolve. You may be constantly stalked by some dangerous person, and the best talent in the police is unable to trace the culprit. There may be numerous other problems involving business, relationships, or estate. The list can go on.

It is through psychic medium readings that the psychic medium guides us in moments of stress and indecision. Through channeling those from the spirit world psychic mediums can tell us about our past, our loved ones, relationships and our future. Through the psychic medium they channel their knowledge about the energies around us that we, as humans, cannot fully see.

Why do people go to a psychic medium?
People seek psychic mediums for contacting souls that have passed over for healing, wisdom in decisions, changing directions and realization of their dreams.

We are part of an energy system. Spirits are a higher part of that energy system and psychic mediums are the channel. Through an experienced psychic those seeking more harness the spiritual wisdom and use the psychic reading to further enhance their life.

So that is the technical definition. Basically....I can communicate with the dead. (Although I personally believe they are still very much alive, just living in another dimension) I use all of my senses to interpret messages and communciate them to you the best I can. It's a very peaceful, positive and unique experience. I am able to do this from anywhere, anytime and any place, spirits know no time or boundary.

My Psychic Medium Gift!
I found my gift late in life. It took me some time to accept, process and just wrap my brain around all of this that has happened to me... My friends and family encouraged me to share my gift by giving readings. In following that advice (and God's calling), I found a renewed sense of purpose and direction. I believe I have been called by God to use my gift to help others find peace and healing. As I serve those who ask for my help, my faith continues to be strengthened. I am encouraged by the confort readings bring to those who ask for my help. I am also so proud to have been trained in bioenergy healing under well known healer Laura Mead! Life has been good to me and I feel so lucky to be able to share my gifts to help others!

Smiles, Vicky

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Praise God for the special gift & thank you to my Spirit Guides on the other side!
How do you know if a psychic/medium is right for you? The only real way to know for sure it to give them a try... if they can tell you something that no one else would know, than you could be on the right path to a life connection. If you want more validation to their abilities ask to see their thank you's from past clients. Psychics have a special gift given to them, it is not something that can be taught! On our thank you's page you will find some of our trusted mediums thank you's!